December 19, 2016

Travel to White desert - Kutch- Part -4 Faces

Most important and enjoyable part of travelling through Kutch is its people. Artist par excellence, colourful, hardworking , friendly are few words which come to my mind when I am asked to describe them. Kutch is a meeting ground for so many religions,communites and groups. One community which has always fascinated me as a photographer is Nomads of Kutch.

Nomads of Kutch
 It is believed that they had originally migrated from Sindh or even beyond from regions in central Asia. They share common ancestry with Roma of Romania.

Some of the people I have met during my various trips to Kutch have lasting impression on me. Faces I can never forget.
Young kutchi girl

Women with their traditional colourful attire and Jwellery are strikingly beautiful and extremely talented at the crafts. 

Vadha community woman

One can also occasionally come across Sidi families whose forefathers had migrated from Africa to India and have made Kutch and Saurastra regions their home. 
Sidi Man

Sometimes one can come across resistance to be photographed, as idea of their faces being commercially used worries them. Explaining your purpose behind capturing their photos can calm them down and you are given a permission with a smile.

Journey continues....

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