March 26, 2017

My heart lies in...

After spending 6 years in the filed of photography and many dialogues with myself, I have reached a firm conclusion, my heart and interest lies in the genre of  abstract photography. 

Intricacies interpreted

Abstract photography and all its genre captivate my imagination. Abstract, Realistic abstract, Abstract expressionism all interest me as art forms and I try to interpret and use those forms in my photography. Abstract photography is the way I see, experience and feel the world around me. 

I do enjoy street photography including candid street portraits , for completely different reasons. Street photography gives me opportunity to travel, to meet people and reach wider audience. In its broad definition, Street photography  documents the world as it exists. Being an abstract photographer, I always try to give that little abstract twist to the street photography I do, as I prefer to interpret the scene in front of me as I feel it.

March 23, 2017

Yellowed Canvas

Waiting for the words....
Among the cacophony of sounds,
Words yet not sung,
Stories yet not written,
Future yet not known.

She rests her pencil,
On the scratched and yellowed canvas,
As she waits,
For the words,
She needs to write one day.